About Glover Consulting Inc

When a company or individual decides it is time to get online or revamp their existing online presence there is often a great deal of negativity and questions associated with the process. Who can I trust to build a good website? How much is it going to cost? Am I going to get taken advantage of again with a website that never works right? This is a very common issue within the web design and development and internet marketing industry. There are currently no set standards, so you never know what you are going to get.


When a client works with Glover Consulting Inc. there is standard pricing clearly indicated. They can sit down with one of our web project management specialists
and build their website presence from scratch either using one of our customizable templates. Glover Consulting Inc web project management specialists
will walk the client through the process of choosing a domain name, setting up hosting, choosing their website look and feel, configuring the
requested functionality, devleoping their content and implementing the Internet Marketing Strategy.


For the consumer that requires a custom application or design created, the clients can sit down with one of our web project management specialists and go through the Glover Consulting Inc. standard project scoping process and be provided with a detailed proposal including pricing, functionality and timelines.


Once the client has chosen the look and feel of their website, they can then also order traditional marketing material such as business cards and letterhead, tailor a social networking campaign and order promotional materials such as pens and mugs all with the same consistent brand.

Glover Consulting Inc's mission is to implement, maintain and improve online advertising strategies according to the specific promotional and organizational requirements of each client. Glover Consulting Inc values integrity, an open line of communication with clients and a hands-on approach to design and development.

The whole experience at an Glover Consulting Inc will be quick, easy and positive.